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I made a quilt!

It’s been years and years since I’ve tackled a full sized quilt. I can’t really remember what sent me down this recent quilting rabbithole, I think mostly a need to get away from the doomscrolling. I bought two bundles from laundry basket quilts, scrappy light and dark and started playing around, piecing together some stars for pillow. Then I decided to take the rest and see what I could make. I landed on a flying geese pattern (wandering nomadMore

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well isn’t this cute

It often happens that I’m cleaning Phoebe’s room and come across some cute thing that I made her when she was little that I’d completely forgotten about. Like this little embroidered doll quilt. So sweet. She’s probably forgotten about it too. I could probably take half the stuff out of her room, wrap it up and give it back to her for Christmas and she’d be none the wiser.


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picking fabric

I picked out some fairy body. I'll stuff her and start hair tutorial soon.

This hand piecing project has been just laying low for the past decade, making an appearance every few years. I pulled it out last week for something to do while watching tv and it occurred to me I have so many new prints now that I could add to it. Excited to do that this afternoon.

Another WIP, picking prints for a back to school top … More

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Oscar’s lego quilt

lego quilt at wee wonderfuls

Alright, let’s celebrate the Oscar! When Rae asked if I wanted to participate in this year’s Celebrate the Boy series on her blog I hopped on board because it’s been about a year that I’ve had a pile of fabric set aside for a lego themed quilt for Oscar and I thought this would be a kick in the pants to get it done.

The boy is no stranger to themed quilts. He started out life driving cars on his … More

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GG’s quilt

After surrendering to the pinwheels I settled on rectangles. I love rectangles. We understand each other. They never let me down. Wish I could smuggle myself to Portland along with the quilt and give this cutie baby hugs and kisses in person.

My sewing room is neat and tidy and ready for its next project. School clothes!… More