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Summer groove

I thought I was pressing my luck to take my tween and teen out on some outings this weekend that they’d have loved as toddlers but not as much anymore and was pleasantly surprised everyone was happy and enjoying themselves! That’s the magic of Summer I guess, everyone reverts to being a kid.


I was having a panic that I’d overbooked our Summer but, we’re slowing down now, and I’m really looking forward to our vacation and a lazy rest … More

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More work was done this weekend on the clearing out front. The target, Phoebe’s room. Holy hannah. That girl has so much stuff! I think she’ll be happy with the free space and less clutter. I feel like I just did this to her room, maybe last Summer? But they outgrow things so fast. I had no idea how many princess fairy books were still sitting on her shelves. Many plastic things with small pieces have now moved on to … More

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they’re changing! they’re changing!

The kids make fun of me over how panicked I get once Fall splendor begins. I need ALL the photo opps. I need to pull them out of school so I can walk them around town getting photos with every good tree. I’ve learned my lesson, I don’t need thousands of photos of leaves on their own, I need kids in all the shots so I’m not looking at albums of leaves when I’m in the old folks home.

Here … More

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Phoebe’s book bag

Phoebe got a sewing machine for her 8th birthday last week. She's been sewing lots of practice swatches and made a cute little quilt for her doll. Today we made a book bag. We're headed over to the library to get her first library card so she decided she needed a pocket to hold her library card and that it should be a sun. Zippers as straps was a co-decision, mostly hers because she dug them out. The fabric choice … More

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the 5 minute Christmas card

I couldn't decide if I was sending out cards this year. I was determined this year to simplify the holiday and not stress myself or anyone else out. But what's the wheat and the chaff with Christmas? It's hard to say. I decided late in the game that cards had to stay so I sat the kids in front of the tree when they walked in the door from school, put the flash on the camera and took 18 photos … More

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Hello hello, how are you blogaudience?! I am very happy. Halloween is OVER! And I’m not a hater, but I am so relieved. There is something about the day after Halloween that feels like the end of a marathon. I don’t know if it’s the back to school busyness, that goes into Fall sports/activities crazytown, right into PTA nuttiness, followed by autumn splendor mania, and then the trifecta of parade/party/trick or treating but after it’s over I am so relieved. … More

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apple picking

I’m all proud of myself because we went and picked the apples before it was too late. I always miss it. Pickings were slim. And I may be imagining it, because I know it was a hard Winter for apples, but they don’t seem to taste as awesome as they normally do.

cider doughnuts are obviously harsh Winter resistant.… More