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nice to see you, wee wonderfuls

Well for once I have to thank PTA for keeping me so busy I wasn't fretting over my blog & shop being missing for days. Thanks for all your emails! I am still here. Here are random photos to prove it. 

We had warm weather. It was soooo great. We got a ton of stuff done outside and I felt way more motivated indoors too. I even cleaned up the pile of fabric I dumped on the floor of the … More

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millet muffins

Do these look appetizing? I don't know how food bloggers do it. I always think of putting pics of what I'm eating on the blog and then I look at my photos and am like ew, no one wants to see that. Even though I make what food bloggers make. I have chocoloate chip cookie energy bars in my freezer that are delicious but look nothing like those. I can never make it look pretty enough. Even with instagram. Anyhoo, … More