Pincushion Girl

New to the shop this week is the pattern for a girl you’ve probably seen around in a lot of my photos over the year. My trusty sidekick, Pincushion Girl. She’s hand sewn from wool felt and is super fun to make. You can embellish her so many different ways, with or without bun or embroidery on the skirt or even a little collar.

Stuck full of pins or just sitting around looking cute, Pincushion Girl is a fun, … More

folky block pincushion

Now that I have a GIANT bag of crushed walnut shells  sitting in my craft room you can expect a lot of pincushion action from me. I came across this folky vintage print while I was digging through my fabric bins and immediately thought pincushion 💡!

So I fussy cut out some squares, well not really fussy bc just squares but it was tricky getting those borders to line up, and I sewed them up into a cube and stuffed … More

felt doll pincushion

I’ve been making so much behind the scenes. I hate things I can’t share. I’m doing a few blog tour dealios so those will pop up eventually. And I made a new design for Land of Nod. Top secret I guess. Because I’m like super spy Sydney in Alias (my new binge watch). But I made this yesterday all for myself. I’m still obsessed with peg dolls. So much so that I was compelled to make a stuffed toy version … More

working on pattern ideas: a duck doll and a pincushion

Thanks so much for your sweet comments about the video and the book! While we were working on the video I was pretty sure it was going to turn out awful. I just thought, let’s rush through it and if it’s a disaster at least we can say we tried. But when it’s done and all put together and you’ve forgotten about the millions of little adjustments and trying to get things to balance just right, well, you just remember … More

my house

hi blog. yes, yes, I know it’s been a week. sorry 🙂 the photo above shows what’s going on around here in a nutshell… a flurry of sewing activity (in the background) and some super fun mail from jen which I will show more of soon but today the cutie new house pincushion she sent. it will put it to use immediately!

in shop news, tomorrow is tulip fairy day.… More


It’s getting to that point where I need to figure out how much more I can tackle project-wise before I have to stop crafting and start packing. This weekend we took a family trip to the quilt shop to find all the fabrics for Oscar’s new duvet cover. I’d love to get it done before we move but tackling a big scale project like that in this chaos is daunting. But then tackling the chaos is even more so. Maybe … More