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I knit a Halloween kitty

The key to keeping up with blogging for me is to not get waylaid by bad photos. It’s raining, it’s dark, my house is a mess and there’s nowhere to take a cute photo but if I worry about that it’ll be another 3 months before I blog again. So here’s gray cloudy day kitty. Our school’s bookfair was last week and I was co-chair so I spent many hours at school. I brought Jess Hutchison’s knitted toys pattern book … More

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Geez, did I lose my blogging momentum already. It’s 20 degrees here today. On March 13th. I think maybe that’s all there is to say. But I’m here. I’m struggling with turning out tiny bunny ears. And working on scrapbooking the world’s most mundane week… here’s a picture of us sitting in the house doing nothing, and working on taxes, here we are watching tv. Actually Sunday was exciting tv, True Detectives finale & Cosmos in one night! I was … More

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Wee Wonderfuls in the Land of Nod catalog

This might be my most favorite game ever, hunting for Wee Wonderfuls dolls in the gorgeous Land of Nod catalogs. I can’t even tell you what a kick I get out of seeing the dolls in these gorgeous, adorable, sweet kids’ rooms set ups. I’ve been obsessed with the Land of Nod catalog since they switched over from a more straight-forward catalog shoot to this brilliant new format with the lived in, awesomely messy, real life looking styled kids rooms. … More

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I’ve got Land of Nod files open today. I love these little drawings of the dolls. I have two projects to finish up for them this week and then the Christmas crafting will commence! Can’t wait! I need to get on pinterest and start collecting ideas. What cute things are out there today?

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Book Signing at the Land of Nod store, Oakbrook, Nov 13!

Want to come hang out with me at the mall? I’ll be at the Land of Nod store in Oakbrook, IL on Tuesday November 13th from 11-1. They’ll have books to buy there or bring your copy and I’ll write you a note in it. I’d love to finallly, after 9 (?!) years of blogging, get a chance to meet some of you guys who read my blog. If you’ve made anything from the book you could bring it and … More