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I’ve got Land of Nod files open today. I love these little drawings of the dolls. I have two projects to finish up for them this week and then the Christmas crafting will commence! Can’t wait! I need to get on pinterest and start collecting ideas. What cute things are out there today?


4 thoughts on “sketches

  1. Oh, my! That Fern looks JUST like my Zoë!! I do hope she comes to life some day. (Although, for what it’s worth, I’m a sucker for blue hair.)
    Have so enjoyed seeing your work come to life via LoN. And can’t wait to see what your pinterest turns up!

  2. i love your drawings!

  3. The cute things I am making are Eddie and Ellie from your book! Hoping I can make them as cute as you did!

  4. I can’t wait to meet Winx. :> Thank you.

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