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Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Phoebe and I got a little crazy for Christmas this weekend. We got out the hot glue gun, the “Christmas Craft” bin (which I’ve been steadily transferring over the years from school party supplies to craft store bops and vintage fripperies), some glitter, and went to town.

Here is vintage santa head on a ornament ball riding an ice spear and holding a candy cane.

vintage cotton spun and pipe cleaner elf with a flocked tree on a peppermint sphere.… More

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wrapped wool ornament

I’m not 100% sure what to call these little christmas fellows. I made them many years ago with unrolled cotton balls standing in for cotton batting. I was surprised they held their shape as long as they did but it’s been long past time to update them.

I redid the first one with wrapped wool roving. I needle felted it just enough to hold in place but I really wanted a smooth wrapped look. I love how it turned out. … More

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Christmas hexie pincushion

My first tiny hex pincushion! I see them on instagram all the time and love them. I was wondering how they’re made and once I started in it became immediately clear, oh those are just the outer hex’s folded under. So quick and clever. I filled it with crushed walnut shells for that nice crunch. (here’s a link to the ones I have in my amazon shop)… More

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Elf gear for your Make-Along doll

Is your Make-Along doll feeling mischevious this season? Use this free pattern to make her own jaunty elf hat complete with ears! Also included, a pointy collar and boots to complete the transformation.

elf hat for Make-Along doll

Use fleece or felted wool to make accessories that don’t need finishing and have a little stretch to them so they’ll fit easily.
free sewing pattern for an elf hat and collar for a wee wonderfuls make-along dollMore

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last minute gift idea

wee wonderfuls make-along doll sewing pattern subscription
We’re on pattern number 10 of 12 of the Make-Along subscription, which is a nice stack of patterns. If you have a printer you can print the PDFs out on card stock to make a lovely gift for the crafty person on your list. And then as a fun bonus to the gift they’ll get two more patterns emailed to them.👏 If you’re buying as a gift just leave a note on the order and I’ll put the recipient’s name … More

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oh gray day

Chicago is trying to break records with most gray days in a row. I’ve hardly taken any photos of holiday crafting or merriment because it’s so dreary. What I wouldn’t do for a sunny or snowy day. I don’t even care if it’s 20 below! And I don’t even care that I’m jinxing us! I’ll be warm because all I’ve been doing for the last 2 months is knitting/crocheting. I’ve made my first pair of mittens, 4 scarves, 2 blankets, … More