New apps

Finally got around today to upgrading my iPhone’s OS and was able to download some cool apps for my photos and journaling – Day One, A Beautiful Mess and Collect. Here are some photos from collect, I love it! And day one is awesome. I don’t have it all figured out yet but I wrote 7 journal entries already today. This will be so helpful when I go to work on my PL pages.


Christmas in February

I switched out my PL boxes for my Christmas PL stuff for the weekend. I’m trying to get Christmas 2013 on the books and off my to-journal list. I think I should have just journaled it as it happened but I thought no, I’ll leave it til after the holidays when I have so much time. Ha! When will I learn there is no such thing.



Hello Midwest friends! The rest of you I'm not talking to. I'm pouting. Stuck in polar vortex 2 lockdown over here. Another endless weekend of cancelled school days. I'm working on my project life album and my cross stitch. I rearranged my desk to fit all my journaling supplies and think I'm on to something. It's all about having every single thing at your finger tips. I was thinking about trying to make a bigger desk somehow and am on … More