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Patchwork Kit-Kat

I made a new Kit-Kat doll from my Make-Along Animals pattern and did a little tik-tok video while I did it. Which is a little harder to do now that Phoebe has abandoned me for school. Since I’m having all the quilty feels these days I decided to make a sort of patchwork version of Kit-Kat. Kitty is made up of 3 fabrics. Normally I do a solid for the body, a print for the head gusset and another solid for the ears. This time I did all prints, one for main body, another for gusset, tips of feet and tail and a third for ears and paws. I love how she turned out. I still need to make her a little dress or overalls but honestly she works as she is and I may just put her out on the sofa with my new patchwork pillows. I’ve always wanted to do the dolls as decor not just playthings because we don’t always have little ones to sew for and that shouldn’t stop us from sewing ourselves cute new friends.

To patchwork the arms and legs I cut the pattern pieces where I wanted the split and added 1/4″ at the ends and then cut out the fabric from the new pieces. For the legs the back and front both have the new print for the paw but for the arms I did the pink print just on the front and the back arm pieces are still all the body print.
sewing on her ear you can see the back of the ear fabric is same as body fabric.

2 thoughts on “Patchwork Kit-Kat

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