Do you think you’d like to sew your own toys? Give these a try! be sure to also check out our products available in the shop.

All patterns are for personal use only.

8 thoughts on “Freebies

  1. renee says:

    Glad I found you again I make bears, an give them away something from my heart makes me feel good. an so does your artistic mine an soul thanks for your works. renee

  2. Bink says:

    I love Pointy Kitty–they really do look like that when they’re kittens! I’m enjoying your book. I particularly appreciate your explanations. When one hasn’t really done any sewing since 7th-grade Home Ec., it’s good to have instructions that don’t assume you automatically know and understand everything. Thank you!

  3. Kathleen A Holmes says:

    Hello. I saw that you had a tutorial for a lego quilt. However, I can’t find it on your website. Can you tell me how to find it, please? Thank you.

  4. Carol Young says:

    Thank you for the Wee Wonderfuls elves freebies.I think they are adorable and nostalgic.I found you through Mary Janes Farm Magazine.

  5. Patricia A Burns says:

    Some years ago I purchased a book that had your Peanut, the wee elephant in it. I have decided to make this as a gift but after cutting out the pattern pieces I am baffled as to how to sew it together. In looking at Peanut it appears that I should have cut out 4 pieces for the belly as it looks like the legs are part of the belly. Once I turned the belly right side out I can’t see how or where I’m supposed to pin the under-trunk to the belly front. The same goes for the wide end of the back to the belly back. Would you please tell me what I’m missing?

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