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sorry, were you looking for me?

I was outside. Weeding, watering, planting… here and at school. Things are looking good in our garden at home. I got antsy and moved a bunch of stuff but nothing has died yet so that’s good. We have a few more plants to buy to fill in and I think, at least part of the garden, might be right this year. We’ve dug a new bed in the front yard so we have that to screw up from scratch – … More

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see ya sea holly

This is our sea holly’s last summer in the Lang garden. I love it and it really took off and did well in our garden. But it’s too unwieldy and very spikey and really it’s just running amouk. We’re going to transplant it to our friend Cathy’s garden where we can visit it whenever we want. I’m going to make lots of pokey bouquets out of it this last year.

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moving it inside

We’re in the process of wrapping up the 2009 garden. I’m bringing a few pretty things inside. We’re mulching and trying to make our decisions for next year. I’m disappointed the books say we can’t cut back perennials until the first frost. Some things are so shabby and I’m so tired of watching them decay. I think our garden was sort of a bust this year. Weird weather and no time and some really bad impulse decisions lead to a … More

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our big box!

Ok, here’s the big gardening project we’ve been working on… our very first vegetable garden!

We figured it was finally time, we’re growing two kids we could probably handle a few vegetables. Last year we figured out our best spot and left it bare so it was ready to go this Spring. Tim did all his research and then built us this beautiful 8′ x 4′ cedar box. We love it so. It was so satisfying just to have a … More