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japanese anemone

I really want to plant some of these in my yard. 

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  1. My MIL planted this exact variety in my front garden bed a couple of years ago when I was in the hospital. It was a nice gesture and they’re pretty, but it’s pretty invasive! I just spent part of an afternoon ripping up all the tendrils that were wandering all over the beds. I wish you lived closer; I’d just give it to you! Heh.

  2. Oh thank you for posting this picture. My friend has some in her yard and we have been trying to figure out what it is!

  3. They’re gorgeous alright and I love ours but Melissa’s right, they are incredibly invasive! Just plant them where you have a hope of controlling the underground runners! We have some planted in a bed surrounded by concrete pavers and they are always trying to come up between the cracks. We find the ash pink are the worst and the double deep pink are the least, with double whites in-between. But the display they put on in autumn, in dry shade even, is worth it!

  4. we’ve got white ones in bloom. my husband & I were just outside gazing at them. I am in love.

  5. i’ll just ditto the invasive thing. they crawl all over the place too.
    we had them before we switched over to mostly veggies and they are still popping up through weed carpet, mulch and several rounds of rototilling.
    but they are lovely ! 😀

  6. They are very pretty but they are thugs and will take over your garden and resist all attempts to remove them. I’d suggest you plant them within a pot to keep them in their place.

  7. I have a white japanese anemone planted in the ground which is a monster – but a delight to behold when in full bloom. My pink/purple anemone has put on a great show in a pot for the last four years.

  8. For the past three late summers I’ve passed by that plant on my way to school thinking “I have to find out what that is and plant some,” so thanks.

  9. This post got me remembering – my 5 yr old son REALLY wanted to name our youngest baby Anemone. Except it was vetoed by daddy. And he was a boy. And he was a baby human, not a plant, not a sea creature. So Daddy won (thankfully)!!!

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