Body fabric for Kit, Chloe and Louise dolls

I love to make my Kit, Chloe and Louise dolls squishy and soft. I think of them as my baby dolls. They’re chubby and toddler like with wide cheerful faces and they give great hugs. The stiffer, more tightly woven your fabric is the less it will give and it will give more structure to your shapes. And that will totally work for this doll design too. It will make the dolls a little easier to dress and a little … More

little clothes

That’s pretty much all I’m working on these days. I finally got little pajamas to work well and now have 5 or so pairs cut out for all Phoebe’s dolls. Hopefully I’ll  have time to get patterns together and up. Anyone have any outfit ideas/requests for their KCL dolls?

boy doll in pajamasMore