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I made a quilt!

It’s been years and years since I’ve tackled a full sized quilt. I can’t really remember what sent me down this recent quilting rabbithole, I think mostly a need to get away from the doomscrolling. I bought two bundles from laundry basket quilts, scrappy light and dark and started playing around, piecing together some stars for pillow. Then I decided to take the rest and see what I could make. I landed on a flying geese pattern (wandering nomad) that I found on the art gallery fabrics site and started making blocks sort of haphazard. I realized a little late in the game I wanted it to ombre but was able to basically pull it off. Phoebe claimed it about halfway through the process and then helped me with block assembly. She cut and pressed for me as I sewed. So much fun to work on it together! So it turned out really great. It’s on her bed now and I’m so encouraged I’m jumping into another big quilt, for Christmas.

I did an angled grid quilting and I really liked how it dissected the blocks to make interesting new shapes. And it was very easy to follow and keep (basically) in line. It’s a little wavy but I think it’s great for doing it on a home machine. I’m hoping to get much better with practice at using my new machine (babylock jazz2) for quilting.
I love the fabric I chose for the backing, Patchwork Tulip by Sarah Golden. It was in my scrappy bundle and I have it on the front in some blocks. I love her whole Perennial fabric line. For the binding I tried something new. I machine sewed it instead of sewing it by hand on the back. It was an experiment and I was really surprised with how well it turned out! I followed this tutorial and sewed it to the front then pressed and glued it in the back to prep it. Then I sewed in the ditch on the front catching it on the back. Again, really surprised how well it worked, the glue was the magic touch. I enjoy hand sewing on bindings but really wanted a finished project and didn’t want to get stuck up on anything so I went for it.

4 thoughts on “I made a quilt!

  1. You did a beautiful job! Did you have a link for the binding tutorial?

  2. Your quilt came out great! I think it’s funny that you wrote your sewing/quilting line is wavy, but I can’t tell the difference–it looks fine to me. I remember when everything had to be perfect in projects or in life. I remember going to the library and everyone had to be silent–not doggy ear the library book, not eat or drink while reading a book–women had to wear a uniform (pill box hat and gloves) (before my time)–and be perfect or else. Now, lines can be wavy—and it adds to something. Thanks for blogging and sharing your things—it is real–like you. All of this is an extension of you–so, embrace the wavy.

  3. I adore this color palette!

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