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childrens book collection

vintage childrens booksThis summer was all about stuff/possessions/things for us. We are moving my mom out of her house, moving the previous owner of our house, Dick’s stuff finally out of the back corners of our basement, moving in stuff from my parents’ house to ours, moving my kids’ outgrown things out of their rooms, moving old work from my craft room. What is important, whats matters, what do we want to leave behind, what is just baggage, not useful, not meaningful. … More

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mr. bear

This old fellow has come to live with us. Rescued from an estate sale. He joins two other bear friends from an estate sale. I need to be careful. 3 is a good number.

I'm trying to take photos of the 3 dolls I just finished. I am having zero camera luck and no energy to attack it. I need a new spot to take photos. Or a new season to take them in.

Also picking out fabrics for the … More