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childrens book collection

vintage childrens booksThis summer was all about stuff/possessions/things for us. We are moving my mom out of her house, moving the previous owner of our house, Dick’s stuff finally out of the back corners of our basement, moving in stuff from my parents’ house to ours, moving my kids’ outgrown things out of their rooms, moving old work from my craft room. What is important, whats matters, what do we want to leave behind, what is just baggage, not useful, not meaningful. I definitely have decision fatigue from it all. One thing that was in question was our childrens book collection. We have a random built in shelf in our family room that naturally became the home for picture books when we moved in here 11 years ago. Tim and I realized we shared a love for a used book fair and vintage childrens book illustration and then we had kids so it was a perfect storm of booklove that led to many hauls, like this one.

After spending an exhausting week this summer tearing out the last of the built-in fun in the basement we were on a roll and Tim suggested tearing out the kids book shelf as well. I stood up for it though and I think after a slew of tough decisions I’m going to give myself a treat and officially take up book collecting again. I’d love to be on the hunt again. Do actual research for what I’m looking for, try to complete sets, find missing works, etc. My estate sale is going to rock. What would be more fun than a giant childrens book sale.

First I’m going to organize and take stock. I’ve been good about weeding all these years. Being tough love and taking out impulse buys, books we bought because it was only book at the sale that was remotely vintage but is really not that great or the book I recognized from my childhood but I’m not really all that interested now it turns out. All those moved along to new homes and kept the collection under control and contained in this one bookshelf. This weekend I’m going to tackle that book shelf with some sweet library organization energy and see what we’re working with. Doesn’t that sound like a fun project? I’m excited to start!


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  1. oh YES! it sounds fantastic! I struggle with letting the vintage kids books (and other faves) go! have fun! look forward to hearing more about it!!

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