Anne of Green Gables doll

I love making dolls from my favorite books. I’ve made a few Anne dolls over the years but this one  is my favorite. I just think she’s so cute and spunky looking!

Anne of Green Gables cloth doll

I made her outfit to be the first nicer, still plain, dress that Marilla made her instead of her straight from the orphanage togs. She has a crisp new pinafore and nice sensible dark blue dress with pintucks and not too much puff in her sleeves.

Anne Green Gables doll

I couldn’t find exactly the right hat so I tried to make my own. I purchased hat straw and pinned and sewed and spun and nope, no luck. So I took a straw hat I had and tea dyed it to get it closer to the color I wanted and reshaped it while it was soaking and I really like how it turned out. The brim is a little too wide but it looks very cute on her so it’s a win.

Anne of Green Gables cloth doll

12 thoughts on “Anne of Green Gables doll

  1. Claudia Ongay says:

    Colud you sell one doll Anne of Green Gables?
    My ñame Claudia Ongay. I could received it in Texas. The doll is beautiful.

      • hillary says:

        Hi, I’m sorry I don’t have any Anne dolls available at this time. I’m not sure when or if I’ll be making more but if you’d like to be put on a list to be notified if I do please email me at The cost would be around $130. Thanks!

  2. Courtney says:

    I stumbled upon your site while trying to find a pattern to make a little Anne doll for my daughter. Your doll looks just like it popped out of my imagination! Which of your patterns did you use to make it? Do you also have patterns for the clothes? Thank you!

  3. Shawny Kaufman says:

    i bought your kit, chloe, and louise pattern. i am going to try to make the anne of green gables doll from this pattern. can you tell me the inner diameter of the straw hat i should buy? i would like to order the hat now, even though i haven’t started making the doll.


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