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teddy bear favs

Even though we have our design for the new Bear Make-Along doll all picked out, Goldilocks was having fun looking through the teddy bear books and picking out her favorites.

(Goldilocks is the Elsa doll in the Make-Along pom pom sweater btw)

Most of these are vintage Steiff bears and some are from Japanese craft books. The Make-Along Bear will be more of a bear doll than a teddy bear so that he can wear all the make-along outfits. But … More

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New Elsa doll pattern

new elsa doll sewing pattern

Elsa has a new look this year! I’ve had this pattern in my shop for over 10 years now and she’s definitely a favorite of mine. I remember when I first started designing dolls how I was obsessed with trying to get a nice round shape for a head from a 2D doll and the lightbulb I had when I decided to just make her 3D with a gusset, ha! I wanted a doll that had a few shortcuts … More

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Elsa doll as the Sugarplum Fairy

I really should be cleaning my house for Thanksgiving but I was distracted by finishing up this fairy doll I started in August. You might remember her from the fairy doll hair bun tutorial a while back. She was supposed to be a regular fairy but seeing as she was delayed into the holiday season I decided to make her the Sugarplum Fairy. Now she can be buddies with Clara. Both made from the Elsa pattern. Maybe after … More

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well isn’t this cute

It often happens that I’m cleaning Phoebe’s room and come across some cute thing that I made her when she was little that I’d completely forgotten about. Like this little embroidered doll quilt. So sweet. She’s probably forgotten about it too. I could probably take half the stuff out of her room, wrap it up and give it back to her for Christmas and she’d be none the wiser.


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I made a Pippi Longstocking doll for Phoebe. (see notes below and in comments) I thought she’d get a kick out of her poseable braids – instant updo! She’s in Phoebe’s room right now, playing around, waiting for her to come home. I really want to knit her something. Some sort of wonky uneven sweater. I don’t have the right yarn though. We’ll see if I can get my hands on some before the March sisters hair yarn arrives.

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can you see the resemblence?

turns out the Easter Bunny is a close cousin of dear Elise and Elsa Elf! Only differences are some ears, a dress and a nose. Oh, and a really BIG bow. I can draw these pieces up with instructions for those who are interested in adapting the Elise/Elsa pattern, just let me know. They won’t be all fancy because Tim is crazybusy these days but they’ll do the trick.… More