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New Elsa doll pattern

new elsa doll sewing pattern

Elsa has a new look this year! I’ve had this pattern in my shop for over 10 years now and she’s definitely a favorite of mine. I remember when I first started designing dolls how I was obsessed with trying to get a nice round shape for a head from a 2D doll and the lightbulb I had when I decided to just make her 3D with a gusset, ha! I wanted a doll that had a few shortcuts like the body fabric doubling as a dress and the hair being just sewn down around a cap so that it wasn’t as much work as a full head of yarn hair. The next iteration of Elsa had the full on yarn hair wig in braids and I loved how that looked too. But this new pattern has my favorite hair solution yet. The hair is done in wigs sewn on sewing machine with come together easily and quickly and then the braid crown is sewn down in place to keep the hair secure while also leaving it loose and flowy, best of both worlds.  She also has some new quicker construction features for her body. She comes with new clothing items, a vest, skirt and boots. I hope you like her! She’s in the shop here.

new elsa doll sewing pattern

Also, **bonus** the new Elsa doll fits into the Make-Along clothes rather cutely, sort of like a little sister in her big sister’s clothes

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  1. She’s really cute!

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