Make-Along Club

Now that you’ve made your Make-Along dolls and animals here are some fun, free patterns to go with them.

Doll Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Tiny, cozy sweaters knit for handmade dolls, it doesn’t get much cuter than that! Please enjoy this knitting pattern for a cardigan for the Make-Along doll. It is knit in sock yarn with size 2 needles. Tiny, but not too crazy small. It is a different version than the sweater I replicated from my great grandmother’s pattern which involves a lot of seaming. This one is knit from top down in one piece and sleeves can be knit in the round for no seaming at all.

Elf Gear

Is your Make-Along doll feeling mischevious this season? Use this free pattern to make her own jaunty elf hat complete with ears! Also included, a pointy collar and boots to complete the transformation.

Apron Dress

Is your make-along doll underdressed and you’re pressed for time? With the risk of being captain obvious, here’s a quick photo tutorial for how to make a super cute, easy apron dress for your doll. No pattern pieces needed!


This romper pattern delivers a lot of cute for not so much effort. This romper has elastic cuffs and waist, an opening in the back for a tail and a bodice with sleeves easily made from a woven ribbon. The materials you’ll need are 20″ x 8″ of fabric, 10″ of 1/8″ wide elastic, 11″ of ribbon (ribbon should be between 1/2″ and 1″ wide). Print out your pattern piece here and we’re ready to get started. Photo tutorial here.


Get your Make-Along dolls cozy in some cute new pajamas. They can be made extra fancy with piping or regular cute without. Download the pattern pieces here. Photo tutorial here.

Pointy Knit Hat for Make-Along Dolls

Knit on sock yarn with size 2 DPNs.
Cast on 84 sts
Knit 7 rows of K3,P3 rib
Knit 16 rows
Start decreases. PM, K2tog, K12. repeat 6 times.
Knit 2 rows. (or just one if you don’t want your hat so tall)
Repeat decrease and knit rows until 12 sts remain.
K2tog 6 times (6 sts), K2tog 3 times (3 sts)
Cut yarn and tie off remaining sts. Weave in your ends.