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4 cans of zinsser and 1 can of cottonball white

We have a new bright and happy family room at the Lang household. It’s all of our favorite things together, Ikea showroom meets garage sale treasures.

Here’s the Expedit entertainment center filled with our ginormous tv and as much vintage fisher price as I could squeeze in there.

vintage fisher price toys

butcher? candlestick maker?

vintage fisher price

the reason why we need the giant entertainment center, behind it is hidden a very bothersome unused door

on the other side, our new little sofa
ikea klippan navestad

the klippan in More

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girl toys

When I was pregnant with Oscar and starting buying boy toys I enjoyed it immensely. Being one of two sisters I’d never known the joy of wheels and parking garages and trains. I got a little too into it and bought enough toys his first couple of years to last him his rest. It’s me, not him, in the checkout aisle at the grocery store suggesting we get just one more matchbox car.

Of course things are just inherently girly … More

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Oscar’s Room

And this is how the other half lives, Oscar’s room.

When we moved Oscar requested green for his room. After many failed greens we ended up with Benjamin Moore’s Jalapeno Pepper. It’s not for the faint of heart but we love it. And Oscar is over the moon for it. He’s a huge fan of green these days. Everything has to be green… the green straw, the green lifesaver, the green spoon, etc. And this is why he says babies … More