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what’s new in Phoebe’s room

a new bunny that I special ordered from maggierama. thanks Maggie, she’s perfect and we love her!

and some new friends for Phoebe.  thanks Grandma!  and Jennifer Murphy 🙂

17 thoughts on “what’s new in Phoebe’s room

  1. Everything is so sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have the same frozen charlottes from Jennifer Murphy! They are the sweetest!

  3. So cute! I love, love, love the coat hanger.

  4. Too sweet! Love the Mother Goose coatrack and the little stuffies are adorable.

  5. Lucky little bird 😉 Such a happy, whimsical room to dream in.

  6. I didn’t know JM was making animal versions of the old FCs. Cool. :0)

  7. that room is so full of cuteness! {starting with phoebe, of course}

  8. I’m in love with Phoebe. (In a good way, you understand). Love the bunny too. Perhaps it’s because I had fair haired baby boys!

  9. thriftscore! love that word. it has now entered my lexicon.

  10. I love how that little bunny looks like she’s running at top speed – cute. 🙂 I just finished the first pattern card and will be working on the bird, snail, and butterfly on our drive up and back from Cape Cod!

  11. Wow, score on the duck. Maybe someday I can bribe you to find out the good thrift stores. I scored a stack of 4 sweet white milk glass, Fire King bowls at the Brookfield one for 50 cents each. Thought I would wet myself.
    Those Murphy dolls are incredible. I think you need to start drafting a special will now so your children understand how valuable and amazing all this handcrafted art is.

  12. A dollar?? No fair! That’s an awesome find, and I love it.

  13. I am very jealous of the coat hanger. Adorable! I am a huge fan of rummage sales and thrift, but sadly haven’t been in a long time. Great find!

  14. What wonderful finds for Phoebe’s room.

  15. Fantastic coat hanger. Sometimes people don’t realize what they’re selling. I once got a pristine vintage quilt (all hand quilted!) for a dollar at a yard sale. I told the woman she should charge more but she said she just wanted to get rid of stuff. Lucky me!

  16. Those animals are so cute! What are they made of? I was guessing painted cloth or paper mache?

  17. love your blog – have popped in a few times
    may we exchange links?
    cat xxx

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