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fuzzy puffy blanket

It seemed like a silly thing to do, make another blanket/duvet/quilt item in the middle of Summer, but this is the Summer to do it! This thing has seen plenty of use already. I had 2 half yards of cute new Emily Isabella for Birch Organic fabric that had just arrived in the mail and I thought if only I could make something fast and not even put this in my stash. I cut it into 9″x9″ squares and cut … More

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dress with a big bow

For my last kcwc project I went big and made a ….. yep, smocked dress. Okay, so I didn't tackle anything challenging this year. But I did make a top, a skirt, 3 pairs of shortie shorts and a dress. Not bad. I like sewing for girl in the Summer. Quick and easy! Fast and dirty. Serged and ready to go. 

The idea for this dress came from this one which I spied on Pinterest. I wanted to do a … More

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ballerina top for Phoebe

Still chugging along with kcwc! Have you seen all the cute stuff in the flickr pool?

I have one more dress planned. Just need to run out for elastic thread. Then I think that'll do it for me. I made this top yesterday while Phoebe was at school, without a pattern. I had just a fat quarter of that beautiful ballerina print and was happy to have a good use for it. And Phoebe is happy with it because … More

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don’t blog my pants

Here are the little shorts I made for Phoebe. They're to go under skirts. I don't know what to call them. Do they have a name? I've been calling them shortie shorts. Phoebe was very pleased with them and didn't take them off for 2 days. Just realized they were on under her jeans. I told her to take them off and got the quote of the day, "don't blog my pants!"

They were super fast to make, edges are … More

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sixlets skirt

Every year I get a little obsessed with the special issue sixlets in Spring colors. I eat way too many of them because I always have them out because they’re just so dang cheerful. So I made it into a skirt for Phoebe, because I can’t eat that!

This is what’d I’d call an “art skirt”. Not really something practical, nothing that can be washed. I didn’t use fabric paint. A just-for-fun frivolity based on an easter candy. That sort … More

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dress for phoebe

I had an hour or so sewing time yesterday so I wanted to make up something super quick & easy for Phoebe to get back in the swing of sewing for her. I had these two fabrics set aside, olive green jersey and vintage cotton/poly floral print, and remembered I’d wanted to make a copy of a dress Phoebe has. It was pretty easy to put together. I sewed the bodice first and made some bias tape from the jersey … More