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smock on a peg

Lots of new things today: a new smock for Phoebe, a newly hung peg rail in her room and the sun!

The smock is a copy of a vintage one (here’s Phoebe modeling it) — oh! another new thing, a couple of them actually, Phoebe can now push herself up to sitting from laying and pull herself up to standing from sitting. She whipped these new tricks out yesterday and the day before. bam! I have a feeling she’ll be … More

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reversible jumper

More baby clothes today. I made a little reversible jumper for Phoebe. It was inspired by this one by Makie. I made mine out of a linen Japanese print and a solid cotton poplin. I made the test pattern out of muslin and was so excited when I tried it on her. Thought this would make the perfect baby outfit. Something to throw over her one gazillion onesies. And it turned out great and I do love it, … More

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bonnet for the peg rack

Amy sent out an email yesterday to her mailing list announcing that her bonnet pattern reprint is now available! That totally reminded me of this project I’d been wanting to do. I want to have a shaker peg rack full of bonnets for Phoebe’s room. I was inspired by another photo from the Collecting American Country book (the first inspiration being the doll quilt wall) and also the shaker nursery in Martha Stewart baby. As a card carrying … More

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You’d think it was the dead of Winter around here the way Oscar is nuts for covers lately. He can’t be sitting on the sofa unless he’s under a pile of covers with all his books and toys jammed under there with him. And the piling! He spends a good part of our indoors time piling all his toys into towers. He walks around muttering pillows, playmobile toys, monster truck, cars… as he gathers everything up. He’s snuggling in. So … More