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two tone blond make-along doll

Any yarn can be used to make hair for a handmade cloth doll like the Make-Along dolls… bulky, dk, sport… wool, acrylic, roving, mohair. Whatever you like to achieve the look you’re going for. It’s also fun to use a few different yarns together. Here I used two very similar shades of a golden yellow and it gives her a great full head of sunny blonde hair.

For this doll I pulled the yarn from both balls at the same time and strung them together. For this weight of yarn, dk, I would probably do two strands at the same time even if using just one yarn so that it would take less passes to get the fuller look. Complete instructions on how to do yarn hair are included in the Make-Along doll sewing pattern.

2 thoughts on “two tone blond make-along doll

  1. This doll is so beautiful

    1. I so agree.

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