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don’t blog my pants

Here are the little shorts I made for Phoebe. They're to go under skirts. I don't know what to call them. Do they have a name? I've been calling them shortie shorts. Phoebe was very pleased with them and didn't take them off for 2 days. Just realized they were on under her jeans. I told her to take them off and got the quote of the day, "don't blog my pants!"

They were super fast to make, edges are serged and top is zigzaged elastic. My only delay/ problem was I always cut the butt wrong and it took me three tries to get it right.

22 thoughts on “don’t blog my pants

  1. Chasing Fireflies calls them “UnderOuts”! They are A VERY GOOD IDEA. =D And these ones are super super cute.

  2. I’d call them Bloomers (which sounds a little bit Nanna). They’re super cute no matter the name!

  3. Oh, so cute! I could have used these 10 years ago with my little one. She is 14 now and still wears shorts (lycra bike/exercise shorts) under her skirts! It’s just a habit by now. I am okay with that because she still likes to climb, run and jump, too.

  4. Monkey Bar Buddies!

  5. Knickers! 🙂
    So sweet. Love to see her hang from the branches!

  6. I’ve got dancing daughters and they call them booty shorts because they cover your, well, booty.

  7. At dance we call them kick shorts, and I have heard them called spanky pants, too.

  8. “Tap pants” is what they get called for ladies who spend more time on the train than the monkey bars.

  9. at our school the girls wear them under their uniform skirts and they are called monkey pants- I guess monkey bars

  10. Growing up we called them monkey bar shorts; and as is goes, that is what my daughter call them.

  11. i don’t care what you call them – i seriously love that quote!

  12. I think historically they’re called tap pants. Super cute!

  13. Jokingly, we call them “Lady Pants”. Makes me laugh.

  14. You’re a good mommy to make her such cute pants to give her freedom to climb and romp around in a dress. Bless you.

  15. Sweet pants, and cute quote!! xo Heather

  16. So cute and sweet.

  17. I like “shortie shorts.” And my mom made me something similar, back in the 1970s, so I could do “penny drops” on the monkey bars without being embarrassed when my skirt flipped up.

  18. I need to make my girl some of these!

  19. I think they’re called tap pants. Super cute, and I love the little top you made for her too! KCWC is such good inspiration for more playful grown-up clothes.

  20. We call them booty shorts at my house. So you don’t show your booty! I make them out of old tshirts. Definitely not as cute.

  21. I’ve seen them called playground shorts–perfect for wearing under dresses on the playground! Love these!!

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