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dress with a big bow

For my last kcwc project I went big and made a ….. yep, smocked dress. Okay, so I didn't tackle anything challenging this year. But I did make a top, a skirt, 3 pairs of shortie shorts and a dress. Not bad. I like sewing for girl in the Summer. Quick and easy! Fast and dirty. Serged and ready to go. 

The idea for this dress came from this one which I spied on Pinterest. I wanted to do a big bow. So I made one, tucked it into a pleat and then cheater smocked the rest. Here are some directions on how to do the smocking. Really easy and awesome. The part I always forget is to stretch or not stretch the elastic thread as you're winding bobbin. Not stretch! Then spritz with water or stream and it'll shrink up like magic.

5 thoughts on “dress with a big bow

  1. That bow is pretty awesome 🙂

  2. Beautiful! It turned out much better than the inspiration. Wish I had a pattern for this one. I can’t figure out how you did the pleat. Is the fabric vintage or new? If it’s new would you share who makes it? I’m in love!

  3. Tutorial, please? I’ve seen dresses like this around and I can’t wrap my head around it. 🙂

  4. that is TOO CUTE!!

  5. Very nice, thanks for sharing.

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