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fuzzy puffy blanket

It seemed like a silly thing to do, make another blanket/duvet/quilt item in the middle of Summer, but this is the Summer to do it! This thing has seen plenty of use already. I had 2 half yards of cute new Emily Isabella for Birch Organic fabric that had just arrived in the mail and I thought if only I could make something fast and not even put this in my stash. I cut it into 9″x9″ squares and cut out more squares of coordinating fabric and pieced it together on Phoebe’s new HK sewing machine sitting on my dining room table. I wanted it to be puffy so instead of using batting I bought a summer weight twin bed duvet at ikea for $12 and folde it in half to be the innards of this lap blanket. The backing is minkee from JoAnns. My kids paw all over it every time we’re at the store so I finally bought some. I “tied” it together by sewing poms through at the intersections. I meant it to be a sofa blanket sort of deal so I wasn’t too concerned about wear and tear. Although Oscar has taken it for his room so we’ll see how it holds up. Cute, fast, soft, pouffy and perfect for this rainy cool Summer.

3 thoughts on “fuzzy puffy blanket

  1. That is a truely fabulous idea! Well at least its going to be loved no matter where it lives in your house and that is always satisfying for us makers isn’t it?

  2. oh it looks so cute and fluffy! no wonder it’s popular.

  3. Really cute! I like the idea of using a duvet as the innards of your quilt along with a minki back. And the pom poms are a good idea too. Lots of texture!

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