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Phoebe’s book bag

Phoebe got a sewing machine for her 8th birthday last week. She's been sewing lots of practice swatches and made a cute little quilt for her doll. Today we made a book bag. We're headed over to the library to get her first library card so she decided she needed a pocket to hold her library card and that it should be a sun. Zippers as straps was a co-decision, mostly hers because she dug them out. The fabric choice though was all me. She is so impatient. She grabs the first thing she touches, yep, that's it. I had to steer her gently.

7 thoughts on “Phoebe’s book bag

  1. I have that sewing machine (in pink) on our wish list for my daughter’s birthday – can’t wait to hear how you like it. I’m not an accomplished seamstress, so I need her to have something easy;)

  2. Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

  3. Cute bag!!
    And a cut sewing machine too. How does it run? I am thinking of a new machine and Janome is on the list.

  4. The book bag is a great project for first time.Love the zipper handles and fabric choice you steered her towards. Awesome job Phoebe!

  5. happy birthday June baby

  6. 8?!? How is that possible?
    Happy Birthday Phoebe! Your bag is adorable.

  7. My daughter got that machine when she was eight and …sometimes I steal it to use it myself as its so lightweight but runs so nicely. Good choice and cute bag. Love to see these girls take their machine and run with it 🙂

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