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sixlets skirt

Every year I get a little obsessed with the special issue sixlets in Spring colors. I eat way too many of them because I always have them out because they’re just so dang cheerful. So I made it into a skirt for Phoebe, because I can’t eat that!

This is what’d I’d call an “art skirt”. Not really something practical, nothing that can be washed. I didn’t use fabric paint. A just-for-fun frivolity based on an easter candy. That sort of thing.

23 thoughts on “sixlets skirt

  1. cute!

  2. SUPER cute!! Love this idea!

  3. Oooooh, I LOVE Sixlets — especially the spring ones!
    What a darling idea and skirt!

  4. adorable – and i’ve used acrylic paints MANY times for freezer paper stencils – they wash just fine.

  5. Oh geez, just too cute!

  6. Super cute. Funny, I was thinking about a similar project myself, only it was a skirt for me.

  7. You can use acrylic paint for fabric paint! Running an iron over the back of it will help seal it into the fabric a little better, but it would probably be fine without that.
    In the future, you can buy a textile medium to mix into the acrylic paint to officially make it fabric paint (it’s in the craft paint section). I think it just makes it a little thinner & more flexible so it won’t crack as easily, but not much different.

  8. Unbelievably cute and original!!

  9. Oh that is adorable!! I might have to make one for Lil’ Miss!!
    Also, you can totally use acrylic paint on fabric- you could iron it or run it through the dryer for 20 minutes or so to heat set it and then you should be able to wash normally!
    What a cute idea!!

  10. Love! Perfect for spring!

  11. Oh, I love it with the mismatched socks!

  12. Um, I can’t stop looking at your nails!!!!

  13. yeah, I was wishing I had that textile medium but was too lazy to run out and get it. if I need supplies the creative urge just passes me by.
    thanks for ironing tip! I”m going to do that now

  14. aren’t those funny! I like that they mismatch but match the skirt. she had a plan 😉

  15. I’ve gone polka dot crazy!
    I followed someone on pinterest’s advice and stuck a flat head pin in an pencil eraser and used that as a dotting tool. worked great!

  16. I love this skirt and your nails are pretty great too.

  17. Love the skirt – but I most noticed your nails. Did you do them yourself? Love them!!

  18. The skirt, the nails, the socks! All great.

  19. THAT IS AWESOME!! and i’m pretty sure the martha paints say they are for all surfaces (check the side of the bottle) so it will probably live to see many more spring days.

  20. oh, this make me so happy. and your nails also are making me very happy.

  21. That is a super cute skirt. I bet with a slightly larger eraser tip it would be a great adult skirt too (and I only say larger tip, so I wouldn’t go bonkers decorating the fabric for so long!).

  22. supper dupper cute 🙂

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