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the Tulip Fairy

What’s cheerier than a new Spring garland made from the new Tulip Fairy Stitchettes?

Maybe, just this. Kill it with cute!

78 thoughts on “the Tulip Fairy

  1. Now you have to take pics in the crib with her too. Of all of the photos I have taken with my children the ones with me in their cribs with them make me laugh the most.
    This stitchette is as rocking as the rest.

  2. Oh dear, this is just toooo much! Good for you to look on the bright side.

  3. Oh that top picture is like a magazine. How stinken adorable is she???? TOO STINKEN ADORABLE.
    And what a sweet brother.

  4. where can i buy this stichette? i LOVE it!

  5. Oooooooh! This is so cute! The stichette is gorgeous!!
    And you have beautiful children ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. AHH! So cute! I love it =)

  7. oh my goodness. cute overload.

  8. wow! adorable! pam’s comment is totally right – the photos look like they came straight out of a magazine!

  9. I really like the yellow paint used in Phoebe’s room. It’s so hard to find the right yellow. Do you happen to remember the name of the paint you used? ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, and please tell me you’ll have the tulip fairy stitchette in your shop soon!

  10. Oops, I just looked back in your archives and see that you mentioned the paint color already. Thank you! I love that color.

  11. Seriously, I’m being killed by the cute!

  12. I was so saddened by your last post. This one is so cheerful. Lovely, lovely colors on the stitchettes! All the best to you. : )

  13. I can’t even get over how much I love this for a garland idea. The best banner ever!

  14. adorable! so sweet.
    you know, I wish I could get Phoebe’s haircut.

  15. that last one just kills me. seriously. i just died.

  16. What are you trying to do to us! It is going to take me a while to recover from this excessive display of adorableness ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. So cute and sweet! I love the idea of the garland and the embroidery makes the execution of the whole thing just perfect.

  18. This is fabulous!! This is an idea I am going to do. Gonna buy some of your embrodiery patterns now…

  19. Love the garland, the pictures but what makes your day is your children having fun, isn’t it?

  20. What a great idea to use the embroidery, it looks lovely.

  21. Love the bunting, the kids and the photography.

  22. Adorable!!!

  23. Oh I loved the shot of the kids in the cot! When my little one was in her cot her brother used to wake up in the morning and climb into the cot and curl up with her. It was so beautiful. It makes my heart sing just thinking about it! Thank you for reminding me it is the little things that make the big stuff bearable! Jen

  24. Sooo cute!! I love bunting and your designs are the cutest! Would it be weird if I made one for my 11 year old son’s room. . . hmmm. . .kinda huh?!

  25. Your garland is so lovely Hillary! I especially like the petal shape you have used, rather than a triangle. Is that braid across the top? – it is very very pretty. Enjoy your spring!

  26. What adorable bunting – I LOVE it all – the fairy stitcheries, the fabric, the shape of the bunting, the braid – and of course your beautiful models!

  27. Beyond, beyond cute garland
    And re: your last post: Good flipping gravy!! It just had to be said.

  28. So cute love it! Of course the kids are adorable too!

  29. OHHHH!!! Please tell me you are going to have this pattern available to us?!! Please?
    I will get down on my knees and beg you!!!
    PS == there is a WeePeanut on my blog and soon to be another!

  30. So, so sweet! Your photos are always just perfect!

  31. oh. my. gosh.
    i am absolutely dying from the cuteness!! LOVE those photos!!!!

  32. What a cutie!..with cute flags. I just noticed your 2 away from 2000 blogline subcribers! that is amazing!

  33. Just adorable!

  34. SUPER CUTE-I โ™ฅ the garland and the embroidery is to die for!

  35. I’ve been patiently waiting for a spring fairy.. the acorn and peppermint are getting a tad lonely!

  36. awwww… how cute!! love it!!!

  37. this is too A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!!!!!!!! can you feel the excitement?? as everyone else is asking….”when will this one be ready for purchase?” can’t wait. i don’t do embroidery with this cute stitchettes i will give it a try. and the big brother kiss photo is just precious!

  38. Inspiration overload!

  39. YOu need to tell me how in the world you make enough time to do all this great crafty stuff and still make time for those adorable munchkins of yours!

  40. What a clever idea!

  41. Cute! Gorgeous!

  42. Adorable creations, all around!

  43. How precious! Phoebe looks so happy! Of course who wouldn’t be with a room like that.

  44. What a lovely happy thought. If I find a few moments in the next few evenings, I hope to make a fabric banner for my niece, who turns six in three weeks.

  45. Just the level of cute and yummy I needed after the last post. I can feel my blood pressure lowering now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. I love this post…the sweetness, beauty and oh, that garland!

  47. I love the garland! It’s beautiful. I just had to say I am so sorry about the last post, unfortunately I know how frustrating that can be.

  48. Oh, and I think you will like this tulip crochet design.
    I loved it!

  49. how sweet, both the garland and the kids!

  50. speechless, the garland AND the photos of the adorable kids!

  51. ooh, i’ve just found you via ‘book by its cover’. what a whimsical world of wee wonderful dolls. no doubt my daughter will discover you soon. and thanks for the sweet garland post. i’ll visit again for sure.

  52. I can’t tell you how profoundly you effect my daydreaming.
    Thank you.

  53. How lovely! ALso, saw some of your little spacies on a blog header – you are tributed in the comments though! They spring up everywhere! Love your blog – thanks!

  54. oh my oh my. what a bundle of cute cute CUTE! i do love the garland – so lovely. but i gotta say – the oscar-phoebe love really takes the cake. what a lucky mama you are!!

  55. Much happier post than the last! The garland is adorable of course,I like your new twist on the shape, instead of pennants. That Oscar and Phoebe picture is too much!

  56. the cuteness never ends!
    i love it and i am SO SO sorry about previous post- that’s all i will say- no negativty is a good idea-

  57. Wow— I am so impressed, that really is so sweet and adorable!!! Great job ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. I have no reason for wanting one of these – no children, mid-thirties, pretensions towards sophistication – but it’s so sweet it calls to me!
    What a great way to bounce back. Take that universe! Wonder-full life goes on.

  59. You do such great work.

  60. This is sooo sweet and your children are beautiful. How can anyone not love that stitchette?!

  61. Love the shape of your pennant! I’m going to make Sophie one for her 1st birthday, all in oranges and yellows, her favorite colors. Thanks for the wonderful idea of adding a bit of embroidery. Any chance that pattern will be available in the very near future? I saw some other people asked too. If not, I’ll just have to order some you already have out, because they are too damn cute!

  62. Wonderful new idea for all of your super cute embroidery sets – I’m always wondering what to make with them . . . so sorry to hear about the toys! You are the best and we would never want you to feel down – we’re looking out for you!

  63. glad everything is cheerier….and how cute are you kiddies and how big is miss phoebe getting! huuuuge and still lots of hair!
    love those new stitchettes…might have to get some and great to see them used in bunting…how fabulous ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. The fairy is just dreamy. Your photos are amazing!

  65. could they be cuter???

  66. i love this!! and the photos are so great.

  67. OMGosh–sweet overload! How dang adorable! (both the babies AND the fairies)
    Smiles, Karen

  68. deeelightful! thank you for some sugar sweetness… sometimes when i’m having a bad day, i’ll pop over to weewonderfuls for some tlc!

  69. This is one of the sweetest posts ever in blogdom!!! I wish you could bottle the sweetness and sell it!

  70. Those babies of yours are too much! So sweet. Love the bunting.

  71. Love the garland! and the picture of your little ones is priceless! so cute.

  72. Love all the gorgeousness. Sending you good vibes from Australia ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. Too cute! Love your blog, btw.

  74. Awww – so cute!!!! Just want to let you know I have joined the mass of people who have emailed alimrose… I hope you will get some resolution soon…

  75. Simply adorable! I’m inspired.

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