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I’ve never been so unhappy to receive toys in the mail before

**updated on April 22***

I wanted to post a little update on the Alimrose situation. Susan
Shardlow the president of Alimrose has said they are no longer selling
the Robot and Spaceboy handsqueaker and rattle toys and that they have
pulled all the toys that were in circulation as of April 3, 2008.
Sadly, after that date I still continue to get emails from readers who
have seen the toys in the stores. So far the stores I’ve contacted have
amazingly supportive and pulled the toys immediately. If anyone out shopping (they pulled the list of brick and mortar shops that stock their toys — shocking!)
sees these toys and wants to shoot me an email (hillarylang at gmail)
it would be greatly appreciated. And thanks again to everyone for all
support during this icky affair.


So, yeah, as many of you already know this is the startling
discovery that sent us reeling a few weeks ago.

I’d been reluctant to bring it up here because I didn’t want the
negative energy in my happy place (which is the same reason I’m going to post this with comments closed) but now I really feel that not mentioning it here would be uncool given all the support this amazing community (without which I wouldn’t have even known this was happening!) has offered me, especially our Australian friends. We all know this sort of thing happens but it’s nice to know we can count on each other when it does. Thank you.