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when’s the lamb part?

we get the lion part but what about the out like a lamb? we’re gearing up for it!

13 thoughts on “when’s the lamb part?

  1. Oh he’s so cute,I love him!

  2. It’s just precious! And I love the swimsuit.

  3. Yes, we too are ready for the lamb part. Phoebe looks ravishing in her little red suit!

  4. He is adorable!

  5. We got 7 inches in our back yard. Listening closely for some “baaaaas”

  6. This is SO beautiful! It’s really a great work!

  7. I’m with you… we just got 6 inches.. so much for an outdoor egg hunt!

  8. it is lovely ! happy Easter !

  9. We are having our share of lion too. This will definitely be our first white Easter. We are under INCHES of snow.

  10. lamb-a-liscious!

  11. Lovely idea! Great job!

  12. That is a really nice lamb!

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