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girl toys

When I was pregnant with Oscar and starting buying boy toys I enjoyed it immensely. Being one of two sisters I’d never known the joy of wheels and parking garages and trains. I got a little too into it and bought enough toys his first couple of years to last him his rest. It’s me, not him, in the checkout aisle at the grocery store suggesting we get just one more matchbox car.

Of course things are just inherently girly around here and Oscar has always had his fair share of dolls and stuffed animals and dollhouses and other “girl toys”. But now, this year with Phoebe on board, Christmas shopping is giving me a little thrill. If having Oscar was discovering a childhood I never had, having Phoebe is reliving my own childhood and I’m pouring over toy sites like a kid in a candy store.. or more accurately like a 9 year old Hillary with the Sears Wishbook.

My first could-not-help-myself, yes-I-know-she’s-only-5-months Christmas present for Phoebe is this gorgeous handmade doll from Bettsi at Tender Arts. Her name is Linnea and she’s made from an Edith Flack Ackley pattern and she’s perfect. Her delicate features, all the little details, just breathtaking… check all the pics on the etsy listing here. Bettsi does amazing work. I have to sit on my hands to not snatch up the new doll she has up on her etsy now.

Little girl Hillary is doing flips that she’s, er, I mean, Phoebe’s getting this for Christmas.

20 thoughts on “girl toys

  1. Wow. Can I come over and play dolls at your house?

  2. A friend of mine and I were just reminiscing about the Sears catalog that we’d spend hours looking at around Christmas time each year! Something’s in the air!
    The doll is beautiful. One thing, though: When kids get old enough to voice their opinions, THEY ask for things and don’t necessarily want the cool toys we pick out!! My daughter never seemed to like the same dolls I would choose for her. Now that she’s in Fifth Grade, she is starting to like more of the same things I like…but it took 10 years!!! I also have enjoyed having a son because I grew up with all sisters too and those boy toys were so cool!!

  3. Very beautiful, indeed. My 3 year old son just came up and kissed the computer screen!

  4. I remember checking that book out of the library over and over again when I was a girl. What a lovely doll! She looks a lot like Hitty, are you familiar with that book? It’s by Rachel Field, with illustrations by Dorothy Lathrop. It’s still in print, but the older editions from the 1930’s have three lovely color plates that aren’t in the newer ones.

  5. That is indeed a very beautiful and classic doll. If you’re inviting people over for a doll-playing party, you probably shouldn’t invite me – I might have trouble sharing your new doll. =)

  6. Oh gosh, I remember the wishbook! Every year my Nanny would give that book to me to keep myself occupied when the weather was wet and I tired of playing cards with her. I’d sprawl out on that green shag carpet and circle almost every doll, science kit, costume, etc in there!
    Thanks for reminding me.

  7. Some day Phoebe will get even with you for playing with her toys. She’ll borrow your shoes and jewelry. This I have learned.

  8. What a gorgeous doll! Lucky, lucky girls! Oops, I mean girl!

  9. i had that barbie’s dream house! and that ken! i’ll never forget getting it christmas morning.
    and that doll — what a stunner.

  10. very lucky baby! 🙂

  11. My father worked for Sears so we always had the Wishbook in our house as a child. It was so much fun. The new doll is just lovely. What amazing details.

  12. Love that doll! And what a great memory of those wishbooks. My sister and I used to stare at the pages of Barbie outfits for HOURS circling different ones, promising to trade each other if we ever got a set. We never did. I wonder if that’s why I’m so into making clothes for my Blythe dolls now. 😉

  13. I love her. She’s gorgeous. You are making me want to get my stash out and get into it. Have you seen the Santa Gnome tags Ikea are selling? I have a pic on my blog – being that you love gnomes I thought of you when I saw these.

  14. We have a one year old girl (the baby sister to 2 boys) and I am sooo guilty of imposing my girlhood loves on her. She’s getting lots of stuff I will–I mean SHE will–love for Christmas. Sadly, I’m totally transparent to my husband.

  15. I TOTALLY hear you! I just had my first girl after four boys and I’m trying to rein myself in but it’s hard. I just bought a Fiona Dalton doll to give her for Christmas that I am extremely excited about! Never mind that she will only be 5 months old on Christmas. Besides, the doll is just as much for me, right? I’ve only been dying to buy one for a year and a half- baby girl? Perfect excuse! I’ll probably be making a Hillary Langesque doll for her too…
    Keep sharing your girl shopping items, I’m excited to see the rest!

  16. She IS lovely!! I’ve enjoyed Bettsi’s work for awhile now – glad to see she has an etsy shop!

  17. We have one 1983 JcPenney christmas catalog and it was so much fun to flip through! I had that exact Barbie dreamhouse except I was such a nerd I made a library of books for Barbie. Thanks so much for the link to the Sears Wishbook, we are going to love looking through it!

  18. Aw, I’m so glad you like her, Hillary! My best friend and I used to play a fun game with the really old Sears catalog. It was called “What outfit on this page would you wear to school or would you rather go naked?” Now, of course, I would love to see all those white go-go boots and plaid pleated skirts again just for the nostalgia! Boy, we really had to get creative in the days before the internet!

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