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happy little packages

It’s been a good mail week! I got a little over excited searching japanese fabric on etsy a few weeks ago.

ok, back to gnomeland with me…

5 thoughts on “happy little packages

  1. Very cute fabric!!! And it will be…???

  2. Gorgeous fabrics Hillary and just in time for some Christmas sewing. I got my order in for Spaceboy today.

  3. Boy, are you in trouble with my husband. First, we are taking a detour on our vacation this weekend to go to KMart for some Martha Stewart Christmas items (no Kmarts here in Texas) And now I have just spend way too much money on Etsy (not like that’s a new thing) but I have some great goodies on the way! So I say thanks and my husband asks that you change the address of your blog and not tell me the new one…

  4. aaaaarggh!! Why why why did you show me those fabrics! I have been trying to be good. sigh, Holly

  5. Oops, I think I have a bunch of fabric on its way to me now… Thanks for the links!

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