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well isn’t this cute

It often happens that I’m cleaning Phoebe’s room and come across some cute thing that I made her when she was little that I’d completely forgotten about. Like this little embroidered doll quilt. So sweet. She’s probably forgotten about it too. I could probably take half the stuff out of her room, wrap it up and give it back to her for Christmas and she’d be none the wiser.

6 thoughts on “well isn’t this cute

  1. I still remember you working on her yellow nursery – time flies. I loved that room. I still think of her as junebaby.
    Side note – super cute stuff again in the Nod catalog in the mail yesterday. My little one wants the ballet and superhero clothes for Irene. (That’s what she named the blue dress girl, I think she’s named Winx?). I love the pigs too…

  2. I was just thinking of doing the same thing today cleaning out my girls closet. Ha! I love that quilt too!

  3. I remember all the small quilt pieces bloggers sent you when Phoebe was born. They were hanging on the wall. What ever happened to them? They were really wonderful.

  4. Weren’t they so wonderful. They came down off the wall when we switched Phoebe over to a big girl bed and took out the crib. Now she has the doll quilts stacked in a cubby and she plays with them with her dolls. This photo is from a few years ago but too cute not to share.

  5. Thanks Kristin! Those little outfits are a favorite of mine. Yep, Winx 🙂

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