can you see the resemblence?

turns out the Easter Bunny is a close cousin of dear Elise and Elsa Elf! Only differences are some ears, a dress and a nose. Oh, and a really BIG bow. I can draw these pieces up with instructions for those who are interested in adapting the Elise/Elsa pattern, just let me know. They won’t be all fancy because Tim is crazybusy these days but they’ll do the trick.… More

what’s new?

Lots of stuff! New site design & a new header (click on through and check it out), we’re now 3 columned and have a new list, “what we’re reading” that I’m going to try to update every few weeks. Also new is our logo! Our logo font was getting a bit over used so Tim made us one from scratch. It’s got a swoosh and everything! Also new, like I mentioned below are our new etsy shop and craft it … More