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Handmade originals headed to Etsy, made from the Elsa pattern






19 thoughts on “Folksters

  1. Wow, they all have names after Norwegian places! How cute!
    Love the colours on Miss Hallingdal 🙂

  2. Being a Norwegian transplant to the US, I too love the Norwegian names. So cute! I love Miss Hallingdal’s bonnet 🙂

  3. Adore those! Do you know what your price range is? Would love to get my hands on one if I can swing it.

  4. Oh they’re adorable!! Such cute little faces :o).
    Joy :o)

  5. They are wonderful. Listing on Etsy isn’t all that hard…unless you have two kids yammering in your ear when you’re trying to do it! I’m not all that good at multi tasking!

  6. Wow these are some Gorgeous fabric combos, Hillary! They will be hits. Do their hats come off?
    Listing on Etsy is very easy–you already have all the photos you need. but upload Square photos unless you want them to be cropped unpredictably. Use lots of tag words so the dolls will come up in searches.
    xo, maggie

  7. looooooooooove !!!

  8. gorgeous, all of them!. i must ask, where oh where did the fabric for sunnfjord’s skirt come from?, i love that print and it’s not one i’ve come across before.

  9. love these girls!

  10. Well done they are so lovely (as usual!) I’m so excited about your etsy shop- have already purchased the gorgeous K,C & L pattern and would love one of these girls.
    P.S cute pattern in Sew Hip by the way!

  11. These girls are just so adorable! I love them and am excited about your etsy shop too. Here’s wishing you a very merry happy LOVE day and a merry wonderful LOVE weekend! Lots of LOVE to you and yours!

  12. Great fabrics! Adorable as always!

  13. Such sweet sweet faces! And the fabrics are beautiful. Great theme idea Hillary.

  14. great and eclectic fabric combos.

  15. If you’re referring to the new toy laws with regard to listing on etsy, I’d just list them as dolls for adult collectors. If people purchase them for other purposes (non-adults) it’s their business… no harm no foul.

  16. Wonderful, classy dolls!

  17. How cool ! Love the norwegian names 🙂

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