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And this is Winifred, another member of the new Patchwork Set. She is more of a passive naturalist than camper Fern and prefers to hang out on her quilt and let nature come to her.

30 thoughts on “winifred

  1. She’s absolutely lovely! What a sweetie. 🙂

  2. LOVE her! Oh my gosh, her eyes, her hair! Blue is my favorite color. And people used to call me “Winnie”, from the Wonder Years. Remember that show?!

  3. She is SO adorable! Sweetness and Spring!

  4. So my first thought when I saw this picture is, “Oh my gosh, she is a DOLL!”…and then I thought, “well, duh.”

  5. I thought I loved Fern, but sorry, now I love Winifred even more! She’s just my style.

  6. She’s darling! I love the blue hair. It reminds me that I need to get a blue haired Blythe one of these days.

  7. I love the dress and quilt matching combo. It is really cute.

  8. Absolutely adorable. My girls want these two dolls. And they ask me to make paper dolls out of your banners.

  9. She’s so adorable with her little matching quilt….. and look at that butterful, too cute :o).
    Joy :o)

  10. I love her!
    Her outfit is so sweet! ^^
    Kisses from Brazil!

  11. I am in total love with this gal!!!!!
    What a cutie pie!~

  12. is her hair blue? FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

  13. Ok…I thought FERN was a cute name, but Winifred is the BEST!

  14. She is absolutely lovely, her hair is wonderful!

  15. I LOVE Winifred!!! I need to dye my hair blue and befriend a butterfly, now.
    Love your blog!

  16. So adorable – you’re killing me with the cuteness! I said it before but I really love how you blend textures and fabrics. That ribbon looks just perfect!

  17. Oh….Winifred is Wonderful!

  18. I love the color of her hair!!
    She’s adorable!

  19. How sweet is she! Love her dress too!
    Have a wonderful weekend~Smiles~Tam!

  20. I love her blue hair!

  21. What fantastic blue hair!

  22. Look at that hair! and head band! J’adorable — as Jonathan Adler would say…

  23. I adore these sisters!!! Please tell me you’re working on a pattern for them!!

  24. I love her and her name!! (it’s my middle name) She’s so cool!!!

  25. I’m glad you posted these, I’ve always wondered about them… The photos on flickr of them are some of my favorites.

  26. Beautiful, and what a cute photo. Your colour and pattern choices are spot on x

  27. OK, so are these going to be patterns?? (hint)

  28. Oh she is just too cute! Are these going to be a pattern?? Please tell me they are – I’m very excited that they might be!! 🙂

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