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Blythe has a new poncho thanks to the dolly dolly book and now she’s looking for a new adventure. And still a new name. I’m trying to think of something 70s that’s not Jennifer or Michelle.

Wait.. I got it, Mary Ann! Cassandra said Ginger and that got me thinking Gilligan’s Island and man, is this gal a Mary Ann or what?! Perfect. Now I just need to make her some short shorts. Thanks for all the great suggestions!

55 thoughts on “wanderlust

  1. What about Nicole…”Nickie” it popped in my head once i saw her!

  2. Angie? Carrie? Noelle? Tracey?

  3. Kelly? Laura? Dawn?

  4. Shannon?

  5. I second the Dawn and Tracey.

  6. Kimberly, Angela, Cynthia, Tara, Erin, Heidi, Penny?
    i especially like Penny. 🙂

  7. April? Not that I’m bias or anything 🙂

  8. cute poncho. she looks like she has a foreign name. something like astrid or ingrid.

  9. How ’bout Katrina? Or is that too 80’s?

  10. Ginger? (It’s one of my favorite names and I wanted to use it for my second daughter, but my hubby vetoed me. Sigh.)

  11. Laurie or Tasha

  12. Sarah Jane, Claire Louise and Laura Jane were all very popular in my class and I am a true seventies child. Although called none of these!

  13. Karen. In my neighbourhood, that was the name everyone wished they had.

  14. My best friend when I was 5 was Donya. It was the height of the 70s :o) I also had a lot of friends named Tracy

  15. I feel like children born in the current age are getting some terrible names.
    That said, your post made me laugh because I am Jennifer and my mother was Michelle, though we both skipped the seventies (she came before, I came after).
    Anyway, I think she looks like a Shelley.

  16. And what’s wrong with Michelle? LOL! It always bothered me there were so many people around with my name. I always had to go by Michelle S in school. Drove me nuts. I remember lots of Traceys, Karens, Katies?

  17. Heather is the most ’70’s name I can think of.

  18. I was born in 1973 and my name is Asha, my sister is Lainy, I also have a cousin Chavela. Another cousin we call Keeny. Growing up I had a friend named Magda and Star and Star is still my good friend. That’s just if you want to go with the non-conventional names.

  19. She looks like my daughter Karen that was born in 1974….

  20. I say she looks a bit like a “Valerie”. 🙂

  21. I vote for Dawn too (granted I was born in the 70s, I have dark brown hair, and my name is Dawn).

  22. joni.
    she’s clearly a joni
    (and joni mitchell is surely a good ’70s icon to name her after?)

  23. Karen! She definitely gives off a groovy Karen Carpenter vibe in her poncho.
    I also see a hint of Laurie Partridge.

  24. I like Wendy.

  25. Amy or Deanna!

  26. Michelle is a perfectly good name. 🙂
    I’d suggest Melanie. There were always a lot of Melanies.

  27. Here’s a link to the top 20 names of 1975:
    Have fun naming!

  28. Blythes are great aren’t they! I have 3. But I got them before the price went right up! She is very pretty, is she an ADG?
    How about Lola?
    be careful though Blythes are very demanding. Always wanting new clothes and new sisters. Mine never stop complaining!

  29. Sissy totally reminds me of a 70s name. My cousin was Jeanette and went by Sissy for like 20 years.

  30. Pamela and Jennifer came in 2’s and 3’s as I recall. Maureen, Christina (aka Cris),Karen and Mary Jane.

  31. Brittany is soooo 80’s.

  32. As a child of the 80s, I was one of 3 Kim’s in my class. We also had 3 Kristi’s and a couple of Brandy’s.

  33. Growing up in the mid-eighties, all my babysitters (who were born in the early seventies, at least!) had friends with the name of “Crystal.” Every single one. Even as a kid, I found that strange.
    So there’s always Crystal!

  34. Hey! What’s wrong with Jennifer (said Jenni)? Just the #1 girls name for for eons! I always liked Elizabeth, though.

  35. Now everyone knows when I was born.

  36. If she can’t be Michelle then Shannon definitely fits the west coast 70s vibe.

  37. i agree, heather is the most 70’s name there is. 70’s names always makes me think of the Bad News Bears and Tanner Boyle, you should name her Tanner.

  38. I was going to suggest Susan or Lisa and I see Lisa was in the top 10 names in the 70s. Jessica had the biggest jump in popularity in that decade, followed by Heather (man I love Google!).
    1. Jennifer
    2. Amy
    3. Melissa
    4. Michelle
    5. Kimberly
    6. Lisa
    7. Angela
    8. Heather
    9. Stephanie
    10. Jessica

  39. OK, I was born in ’69. My classmates were Susan, Nancy, Cathy, Kelly, Betsy, Becky, Mary Beth, Kim/Kimberly

  40. I know just how she feels! Wish I was on the road traveling somewhere! How about Kaycee?

  41. I graduated from High School in 1973 and lots of my hippie friends were having cute babies. I think this dolly looks like a ‘Summer Love’. Or perhaps “Freedom Dawn”. Ok, it was worth a try. Love the cute doll. Does she have an East Indian bedspread halter dress yet?

  42. I grew up with lots of girls named Tami or Tammy in the 70s. She looks like a girl I knew named Angie.
    Have fun!

  43. Oh, MaryAnn is perfect!
    LOVE the vintage trailer!

  44. Ooooo…. I like Mary Ann — she’s got that curly hair thing going and all. Suits her just perfectly. I chose a 70’s name for mine as well — Esmerelda. 🙂

  45. I took a long look and she told me her name was Samantha or Cassandra… Stephanie??? I couldn’t quite make out…

  46. Well I”m a Mary Ann and about 20yrs pre 70’s. But my daughter is a 70’s…Jennifer! And my step daughter, also a 70’s is Shelly. How about Shannon?

  47. I know everyone’s into these Blythe dolls, but I find them a little creepy. Is that actually part of the appeal, their unique look? Maybe I’m just stuck in that kid-afraid-of-dolls stage.

  48. My Roaring Red is Olivia, or Olive for short. ^^ She’s such a gorgeous doll! I love her huge, soft hair. It’s so much silkier than it looks!

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