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teddy bear favs

Even though we have our design for the new Bear Make-Along doll all picked out, Goldilocks was having fun looking through the teddy bear books and picking out her favorites.

(Goldilocks is the Elsa doll in the Make-Along pom pom sweater btw)

Most of these are vintage Steiff bears and some are from Japanese craft books. The Make-Along Bear will be more of a bear doll than a teddy bear so that he can wear all the make-along outfits. But I do want to try a straight up legit teddy bear. I’m too chicken to actually cut into mohair though so it will have to be a faux fur from Joanns kind of deal. And I’d love to make a patchwork bear that was not too overly country crafts. Sort of like that last guy there.

I always flip flop with a teddy bear on which is cuter, a smile or a little frown.

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