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new craft room!

I’m all settled in to my new craft room and I think I love it. We had a big room switcheroo and Phoebe moved into our room, we moved into craft room and craft room moved into Phoebe’s old room. So Phoebe gets more space, we get way more bedroom space and craft room gets cut in half. All good things! The perks of having a smaller craft room are sort of the same as a smaller kitchen, just less walking back and forth to things. I have it set up now so I can reach fabric shelves from my sewing table which I really like. Everything seems more accessible. And I am forced to keep it tidy and not let piles get out of control. My old craft room was a master bedroom in an addition on our ranch house. We didn’t choose to use it as our bedroom when we moved in here because kids were babies and we wanted to be right by them. So my craft room was kind of always ridiculously big. Now I feel cozy and contained. Also makes me feel less guilty. Because what is being a mom without some guilt thrown into every decision. Other pros: afternoon sun, faces front of house and front door, next to kids rooms so I feel like I’m hanging with them even when they’re in their rooms doing their own thing. Cons: dark in the morning, can’t fit a yoga mat in here anymore. That’s it so far! Pretty good list.

sewing work table

One I get my shelves all styled and gorgeous (ha) I’ll share some photos. I was torn what to do with all my stuff. Is it more inspiring in a workspace to have a hundred little doll faces smiling at you, vintage toys, knick knacks, etc or to have everything locked away and just go zen. I left one little spot of wall blank with an empty shelf. Somewhere for the eye to rest. A place to put my current project. Just a smidge of zen.

handmade pioneer doll

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