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vintage fabric flickr group

I have flickr fever! Do you? Kim and I started up a new flickr group, Vintage Fabric and we’ve added our photos of vintage fabric. Come join us and add your photos! Get your camera out and shoot your vintage fabrics. This will be so super cool if everyone plays. Imagine everyone’s vintage fabrics all in one place. So exciting! I’m going to start sending out invites to my contacts but you don’t need to be invited to join, just … More

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crocheted potholder

I’m in the middle of working on a very large overambitious project for my blog birthday next week. So what do I do instead of work on it? Decide it’s time to seriously practice my crocheting of course. I had my friend Teresa come over yesterday and give me some pointers. I was hoping she could tell me why everything I try to crochet goes so astray. I figured a few things out but I’m still so sucky at it. … More

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Easter Togs

These are some of my favorite vintage kid’s clothes finds. I keep them hanging up in my craft room for inspiration. It just dawned on me that they’re all perfect Easter outfits!

The bunny and carrot smocking on this top is awesome! Wish it came with the bottoms those buttons are for.

This is my favorite little baby cardigan. Little lamb intarsia done in super fuzzy soft angora (?) or something. The lamb designs are so dense at first I … More

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Thank you Melissa!

Oh, the maillady has been so good to me the past two days. I have lots to show and tell. Tonight here are some goodies from Melissa in upstate New York. She found an awesome crafty thrift shop and picked me up the cutest bundles of fabric all wrapped up in yarn bows. I love them all! They’ll be so great for Spring projects and for upcoming baby quilts I have on deck.

Thank you Melissa 🙂


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But when they were naughty Mr. Bear had to scold them

I was walking by the Magic Tree bookshop on the way back from the local yarn shop when I spied this book, The Lonely Doll in the window and it seemed so familiar that I went in to check it out. The black and white photographs of a cutie doll and bears were intriguing and I’m sure we had it when we were kids so I bought it. I got it home and read it and good grief!!! The lonely … More