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mr. bear

This old fellow has come to live with us. Rescued from an estate sale. He joins two other bear friends from an estate sale. I need to be careful. 3 is a good number.

I'm trying to take photos of the 3 dolls I just finished. I am having zero camera luck and no energy to attack it. I need a new spot to take photos. Or a new season to take them in.

Also picking out fabrics for the March giveaway doll. Right now she has green hair planned. Too leprechauny? 

6 thoughts on “mr. bear

  1. I just picked up some green wool yarn for hair!

  2. Awww, he’s sweet. Love rubbed off all the new.

  3. He is very cute and looks like he has seen lots of love!

  4. Green is many a woman’s favorite color. It is also the perfect color for spring, which is on it’s way!!

  5. what a find – lucky you!

  6. O he has such a lovely expression!

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