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bye girls

The dolls are headed to the school auction this week. Here's the best picture I can get today. I'm in a photo-taking funk. Grey gloomy Winter keeps hanging on and with it, my lazy indifference sadly. But these girls are cheery. I need more bright colors in the house. We've been doing some redecorating/rearranging which is great for the mood. We tried to buy bright red glossy cabinets for a cupboard for the kitchen but they were out of stock. We got the white instead, which is nice, but has left me craving more color.

In other news, I'm embarking on a new project. The big joke around here is that it's in the same category as all my other projects… lots of work, no/little profit, haha! Can you guess what it is? It's not really blog/craft related, that's the clue. Oh and speaking of projects in that category, my book is out in paperback now. I just received a box of them at my doorstep on Friday. I love that they picked Evelyn inchworm for the cover and the pink spine is very cute. I'm a little less happy that they managed to print another edition without correcting the errata, but what can you do. Maybe some bright new pillows in the living room will solve that problem too, winky smile.

three elsa dolls

sixties mod doll

23 thoughts on “bye girls

  1. Oh my, I just love “your girls”. I agree – the colors are so cheerful – they make me think so Spring (as I look out my window to a yard still filled with snow).
    The fact that these are going to a school auction brings up a really great memory for me… when I was in grade school, our school had an auction, and I remember winning a handmade doll and quilt. This doll was made by the mom of a girl in my class who was the “granola girl” (often work gingham/calico sundresses and sandals, was never allowed to have candy). I often think of her today and wonder how she is and how she grew up, especially since I’ve now embraced “granola” since being raised on Cheetos and Taco Bell. Your dolls look so much more polished than hers. I would have drooled for them as a kid (heck, I’m drooling now).

  2. I love the girls! And I love the little stands that you have to show them off on. They are great.
    I love the inchworm bookcover – must go dig out my copy and see what I would like to make since I finally got my sewing machine out of hibernation last week!

  3. Paperback! Now I can Maggie her own copy so she’ll leave mine alone. The dolls are beautiful.

  4. They are LOVELY! The bun is so sweet! Why is it that all my comments here have exclamation points like I’m yelling my appreciation? LOL
    Congrats on the book, again 🙂 I may have to pick up the soft cover for a gift or 2, as I have the original print in my library. And good luck on the new project 🙂

  5. Just dropping by for a little pick-me-up. So much gloom on the East Coast, too. Looking forward to a little sewing time tomorrow as E needs dolly clothes.
    Hope your gloom fades and is replaced with warm, sunny days.

  6. oh these are soooooo cute! I need to make one. I hope you are writing a new book, btw, for my own selfish reason to keep adding to my terribly large craft book collection.

  7. oh the cover is so cute! and so are your dolls. and what’s the project, man?? I have a list in my head of things that I shouldn’t type . . .

  8. Type em! Give me some ideas. You know what the “project” is already, snooze.

  9. Oh Man, I hope those school people know how lucky they are! I love the dress fabric on purple girl–I have a stash of that waiting for inspiration to hit.
    Is the new project a little brother or sister? Tell us!

  10. I”m betting on a new addition to the family. Or maybe a new book! Whatever would be good!

  11. So, is the “no” to the family addition or to the new book idea?
    I love the school girls, they are perfect! And I love your book. I always get raves from friends who see the Wee Wonderfuls dolls I have made. I just finished Little Miss Storybook to go with my Sleepovers, Tag-Along, Evelyn, Kojo, and giraffe. So fun. 🙂

  12. oh wow! so cute! off to the auction. my son’s school auction is this weekend and i wish i had the ability to make a cute little tyke like yours for it! 🙂 your book looks great too! congrats!

  13. Love this doll!!! Pick me! Pick me!

  14. The paperback version of your book looks great! Can I tell you again how much we love your patterns? We made another girl a couple of weeks ago (you can peek at her here:
    Thanks so much for all the creative inspiration!

  15. I have the new book- arrived today! But it really surprised me that you have no idea what the cover photo would be. I figure it was chosen for bright color and being different. Too bad that there are errors in the book….you’d think they could take it a step onward. Do they think we just buy the books to look at the lovely photos, and never make the projects? Of course I love the photos and feel energy looking through the book, but don’t tell them that! Thank you. Everything you touch seems to turn out Wonderful!!!

  16. lovely girls!!! I just hope they went to their new owners who’d love them… ^_^

  17. Beautiful girsl, and I am so impressed with their hairdo’s. That does not lok easy.

  18. So cute dolls, I like the fabrics which used to create. And I love those.

  19. These dolls are so adorable. I bought one of your patterns back in November and still haven’t finished the doll. Now I want to start over using print for the arms, like you’ve done here. Your work is great!

  20. The dolls are terrific. I especially love the touch of sequins in the purple hair. Do they all have a bit of sparkle in their hair? I know a pair of kids who would love that doll to pieces!

  21. These dolls are so cute I think you should sale the patterns, including hair instuctions.

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