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little clothes

That’s pretty much all I’m working on these days. I finally got little pajamas to work well and now have 5 or so pairs cut out for all Phoebe’s dolls. Hopefully I’ll  have time to get patterns together and up. Anyone have any outfit ideas/requests for their KCL dolls?

boy doll in pajamas

28 thoughts on “little clothes

  1. I love the little pajamas. Someday I’m going to make adult size PJs with some of the wonderful fabrics out there!

  2. Oh yes! That little wool coat you crafted was adorable. I’d love to have that pattern….and the fabulous boots too! I can see it in a “rain slicker” version as well. 🙂
    Pajamas are a fabulous idea. How about some matching fuzzy slippers? 🙂
    I’m making your doll for my daughter’s birthday on December 10th, and I think I’m more excited about this dolly’s winter wardrobe than I am my own. She’s a lot more fun to sew for than I am! 🙂

  3. I second the coat motion.
    How fun!

  4. How about some fun knitting patterns or a little school outfit with like a plaid skirt and maybe some cute suspenders.

  5. Very cute jammies. The coat, and the pleated skirt idea are my current top choices 🙂

  6. I actually meant a pleated plaid skirt.

  7. Oh goodness that’s adorable!

  8. you are killing me with cute.

  9. Oh squee! I have no idea why, but I’m obsessed with plaid these days.

  10. A little poncho with a hood? Or something easy to crochet. Thanks for asking!

  11. I made a little flannel nightgowns with lace for my grandaughters’ dolls. they are getting the dolls and a wardrobe for chritmas. I also re-worked the hooded cape in your book for them as well. I’d love a pants/shorts pattern. I think they need soccer uniforms (the girls are big into soccer!)

  12. I’d also love to know how you did the boys hair?

  13. Those pjs are adorable!
    Any chance of making a princess dress pattern? Or maybe a skirt with little suspenders?

  14. Those PJs are really cute, as is that little bed!

  15. I really wish I had a girl 🙂 I want to make doll clothes for dollies. I guess I’ll just have to stock up on patterns with the hope that one day I’ll have a granddaughter.

  16. He’s lovely! What great pjs!!
    Dawn x

  17. Ideas for doll clothes…well I live in Australia, so I’ve got to say some swimwear and a sun hat! :-]

  18. Those PJs are simply adorable! love it!!!

  19. Anything for boys, I have a nephew who is finally into his doll from 2 xmases ago who wants more clothes. How about a raincoat with a hood and little boots?
    Love the wool coat. Seriously, any pattern would sell, it was hard figuring out patterns myself last year!

  20. I second the idea for something knit! Would love a knit sweater or coat pattern!

  21. He is looking very cute..

  22. Love the jammies! My daughter’s KCL doll is getting a Ukrainian dancing costume for Christmas. A wee peasant blouse would be cute and easy on-off. Hint hint!

  23. Please get these out in time for Christmas crafting! My kids would love these.

  24. Ideas for clothes for the dolls:
    bluejean overalls and hat
    superhero costume-something with a cape
    60’s hippie outfit
    yellow raincoat and hat and boots
    fuzzy winter jacket and snowpants
    skateboard shorts,white t shirt and a cap

  25. I love the idea of a little poncho with a hood – a la your red riding hood from the book…

  26. I would love the coat and boots patterns shown on Kit. I also love the pleated skirt and poncho ideas that were presented. Thanks for asking.
    Also on another topic maybe some instruction on how you did the hair for the blackberry fairy… thanks

  27. very nice cute doll with a little blanket, litte box. I like it. where do you get this?

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