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sorry, were you looking for me?

I was outside. Weeding, watering, planting… here and at school. Things are looking good in our garden at home. I got antsy and moved a bunch of stuff but nothing has died yet so that’s good. We have a few more plants to buy to fill in and I think, at least part of the garden, might be right this year. We’ve dug a new bed in the front yard so we have that to screw up from scratch – exciting! And Tim built us a new path around the bed in the back. It will be so much easier to weed now. Yay! And we’re going to put a tree back there. Tim’s liking a pagoda dogwood. Anyone have love/hate input on that?

Things are chugging along slowly with the school gardening projects as well. We were able to get funds from our PTA for our school garden and are going to start building the raised beds this Summer. Right now my friend and I are weeding through the craziest mulched over mess to make space to plant annuals for our gardening class at Exploremore Day. Do you have this at your school? It is so much fun. The kids sign up for their favorite picks and spend the day going around from class to class. The classes are taught by parents, people from the community, dance/karate schools, etc. I just love it. This year is our first year teaching a gardening class. I really hope we can make it fun for the kids! I’m looking for a garden marker craft to supplement the planting activities (or to keep them busy if god forbid, it rains!). Any ideas for me?

Man, I’m full of questions today!

my mother’s day flowers



ferns and their friends

lily of the valley is just about done for the year

6 thoughts on “sorry, were you looking for me?

  1. Wow this site is some sort of a cute ideas.

  2. Tons of ideas on Pinterest…polymer clay, canning lids, sticks, saw these rocks that looked cute…

  3. At home, I’ve made spoon markers with my kids. This project requires some elbow grease–kids can’t do it alone. I have my girls help hammer the spoons flat and then they decide what words to put on them. I do the stamping since it’s tricky. The final product is beautiful and lasts for years and years.
    I also help run our local school garden–I imagine the spoon project wouldn’t work out so well there–instead, we’ve used smooth river stones and stamps kind of like this:
    Good luck with getting everything done. Busy time of the year!

  4. Ahhh, I had to move this year and couldn’t plant anything, I miss it! Good luck!

  5. Very jeolous of your garden…..ours is an overgrown mass of weeds. The combo of months of rain and a new baby.

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