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Hello Midwest friends! The rest of you I'm not talking to. I'm pouting. Stuck in polar vortex 2 lockdown over here. Another endless weekend of cancelled school days. I'm working on my project life album and my cross stitch. I rearranged my desk to fit all my journaling supplies and think I'm on to something. It's all about having every single thing at your finger tips. I was thinking about trying to make a bigger desk somehow and am on pinterest looking for good diy ideas. Tomorrow we break zero and I'm headed out to forage for supplies. Can't wait! 

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  1. Here in St. Louis (and only marginally warmer, we feel your pain. At least we are in school. My sister teaches 2nd grade in central KY and they’ve gone to school five days since the 18th of December.

  2. I am so done with winter at this point. I can’t ever remember this many emergency days being used. So much for summer break starting at the end of May.
    I completely agree about the supplies being at your fingertips. I have a combination of IKEA and elfa carts that keep most of what I need quite nearby. I also very much like a carousel supply caddy that I got at Michael’s in the scrapbook storage section. It’s very reasonable with a coupon.

  3. One more note about the carousel caddy. I found some of the sections too deep. When I put pens or markers in them, they sank so low I coudn’t see what I had. To remedy the problem I cut up scraps I had of green upholstery foam to fit the bottom of them. It raises the supplies just enough.

  4. This up and down weather is getting old. Especially the super cold. I want to do more trail hiking but the weather hasn’t been cooperating.

  5. I wish you’d share a picture of you pl organization. I am trying to figure out the best way to store and have it all be at my fingertips. BRAVO to you for making a system for yourself! Stay warm!!

  6. I have no organization. I switch everything around every time I finish a page. Can’t get a handle on it yet. and then I went and subscribed to studio calico PL kits. Overload!

  7. thanks for the tip! I was eyeballing it yesterday at Michaels. it really wanted to come home with me

  8. Oh Hillary – studio Calico — I’m in love.

  9. Hi Hillary! I just got a Project Life kit for Christmas, so I’m using those snow days (like today! Michigan is like a winter wonderland right now) to work on my PL albums. I was wondering if you print your photos at home and if so what kind of printer do you use? I’m in the market for a photo printer, but wasn’t sure what other crafty people used or even did. Thanks so much!

  10. Hi Brooke, I print my photos at home. After years of battling with an expensive Epson printer we now have a Canon Pixma MG 5320 and I love it!

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