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hello blog! sorry, had to take a break to battle the plague. all 4 langs down in one weekend, with the stomach thing. terrible, unholy awfulness. the silver lining though, feeling normal never felt so good! yesterday I was even able to finish goldie here. I ordered linen and it will not arrive so I had to go ahead and make her on this only piece I have. I wish she were more high contrast with the background but I do like how she turned out. I have two other friends to go with her and I’m going to get to those as soon as I catch up (start) my 2014 PL album.

projects! sitting up! eating food! it’s a good tuesday here. hope yours is too!

6 thoughts on “goldie

  1. We had that a few weeks ago. There are better ways to spend a weekend.
    Glad you’re on the mend!

  2. She is so cute! We are sick here for about the 4th time this winter and it is miserable. I can’t wait for Spring!!

  3. Oh, nooo! Really sorry about the plague! Glad things are looking up. Goldie there is very cute. Love the bouncy hair and rounded lower case lettering.

  4. Wow, she’s cute, love all that hair! Hope everyone is on the mend

  5. Glad you’re feeling “normal” again. I like Goldie. You do such good things.

  6. Love! I see a whole storybook line coming! Glad you’re feeling better. No fun!!!

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