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Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Phoebe and I got a little crazy for Christmas this weekend. We got out the hot glue gun, the “Christmas Craft” bin (which I’ve been steadily transferring over the years from school party supplies to craft store bops and vintage fripperies), some glitter, and went to town.

Here is vintage santa head on a ornament ball riding an ice spear and holding a candy cane.

vintage cotton spun and pipe cleaner elf with a flocked tree on a peppermint sphere.

This guy I really love. He was a little cotton spun head on a flat wood stick. I gave him a twill ribbon hat a beard made from wool yarn wrapped around pipe cleaners.

Years ago, the kids and I painted paper pulp ornaments from Paper Source and tucked their favorite tiny toys into them. This one had lost its friend so we gave it a ceramic deer from Phoebe’s room and added some teeny tiny trees that we decorated with sequins.

This is another of the vintage elves from above. This one is riding a pipecone we glittered and hung to the tree with a glittered pick from the craft store.

Another Phoebe masterpiece, vintage snowman elf guy sitting on a glitter snowfake snapped off a craft store pick, with a little deer (from Smile Mercantile) and a tree topped with a mushroom.

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